PEDAL: A Farm to Table Bike Tour, #1

PEDAL, Tour #1, February 16th, 2013

Stopped at: Suzie’s Farm, K-Pasta, Leroy’s, and The Lion’s Share

Brian,Vinny, Chelsea,Kelly and Kristy

Cheers to the 6 people that joined me on the maiden voyage of PEDAL! We cycled over 15 miles on a sunny San Diego-winter day, eating, drinking, socializing, and above all, celebrating food from seed to plate. It was the type of day that makes one feel like they are on vacation in their own city. I love that.

The tour began down on the farm, as all good, honest food does. I led the group through the seeding process, into the greenhouses to see where those seeds germinate and then we rode over to the fields (just to peer over the rows of mustard and catch a glimpse of the chicken tractors). The farm has become my home of sorts and I share it with just as much pride and love. By this point, our tummies were rumblin’ and we were ready for some eats. We rode to the gem of a restaurant, K-Pasta, and dove into a pile of pasta,  salad of fresh greens, and handmade chocolate strawberry truffles:

arugula salad

green pasta

We then cruised up the beautiful Silver Strand bike path into Coronado to head into Leroy’s Kitchen and Lounge. We were ready for some more food n drink and were pleasantly surprised with a welcoming atmosphere and delectable chef-special kale frittata, roasted beets with greens and home fries. Oh, and some refreshing sangria. We had to catch the ferry, so we booked it on over to enjoy these epic views:



Bikes on a boat!

Bikes on a boat!

After docking on the other side of the bay, we were feeling good and ready for our last stop at the Lion’s Share for their world-renowned cocktails. Here’s the highlights from this fine establishment that makes you feel like you’re in an underground speakeasy somewhere in Europe:

herb gnocchi with arugula pesto and grilled asparagus

Herb gnocchi with arugula pesto and grilled asparagus

Did I mention the cocktails are out-of-this-world?

Did I mention the cocktails are out-of-this-world?

The next PEDAL tour is scheduled for March 16th….. will you please join us?

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One thought on “PEDAL: A Farm to Table Bike Tour, #1

  1. Jenna-As usual, your honesty and edgy style shine thru in this first of adventures a la Pedal. I miss SanDiego!!!! Props to your journey, both on and off your bike. Love-Mom

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