I Dream of Endless Empanadas

Sooooo I have an obsession with empanadas. I can’t recall when this love affair began, but I became really good at making Argentinian style empanadas at the Rose Wine Pub in San Diego. My first few hours of work would be focused on making the dough, rolling it out, and stuffing with seasonal roasted veggies, shredded cheese and some fresh herbs. The result was always successfully delicious.

My passion grew as I traveled through Central America and consumed numerous empanadas with a corn (masa) crust. I learned how to make this style of empanada while living and working on an organic farm. In Costa Rica this past winter I couldn’t get enough of the potato stuffed ones (gracias Rosa at Proyecto Asis!)

Bottom line: I love making empanadas almost as much as I love eating them. It’s no wonder so many cultures have their own version- and I intend to continue my research around the globe.

But for now, I’ll stick to creating as many as I can. And this particular version is rolled up with POUTINE. Ya know poutine, right? The Canadian comfort-food that involves fries, cheese curds and gravy? In other words, guilty-pleasure goodness! Why not wrap this up in some flaky dough made with pork fat? Yes, it has been a delicious winter…

Want the recipe? Send me an email and I’ll personally guide you through the steps! 

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